Pioneer 8100 NEX Review

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Navigation & Connectivity

The two most important feature is the pioneerĀ 8100 nex apple and the Carplay Android car. Apple iPhone operating Carplay display applications on the screen driver aftermarket. It connects each unit using the port and on the bottom of the apple mobile phone. You can then interact with the application, choose iPhone including SMS, telephone, music, maps and spotify by induction screen interface.

Android is a car Carplay of apple, but it works with your Android phone. You are 8100 nex positioning system – horizontal in our consideration Android have a car. For Android users, this makes it easier for the system to put the best on the market.

This unit is also supported by Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This is especially useful if you have a Windows phone. Phone Windows can not do the same connection and automatic Android Carplay, but you can also use the Bluetooth phone and listen to music.
When you can connect your mobile phone to use smart apple and Android 8100 nex Carplay or a car, and then use the Android application location, intelligent mobile phone you use, based on the driver won’t cost you any external data. In GPS, the dash of his life with traffic updates. You can check your traffic route ahead about 90 of the city’s data in the intelligent mobile phone you.

Pioneer use the database to provide map, in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Here 7,9 million points of interest, including gas station, restaurant, hotel and other places where you can search the directory is free for life, although you may want to update your map every few years competition. Some units provided $11 million in it. May be a problem in rural areas.

Here are two important features: the transfer path support and the speed limit of a leopard. You know that your Lane Lane once. This can help you avoid changing lane road at the last second danger. Just let the work speed limit, limit and database search speed as you walk the road trip. This can help you avoid a costly acceleration.

Pioneer 8100 NEX Features

Audio Features

Use a Bluetooth connection, you can control the Pandora directly from the screen of the unit. This feature is not required for users of Apple and Android, because Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support Pandora, but Windows Phone users will welcome this functionality.

Pioneer also includes a number of features aimed at audiophiles. This unit can play FLAC music files from SD card or USB thumb drive. FLAC is an audio files with high fidelity. The 8100 NEX also has EQ details, allowing you to adjust the sound of your car to your taste. There is also the Mixtrax feature, which mixed your music library along with the sound effects move DJ-style and the image on the screen. Mixtrax is a bit gimmicky, but it is a fun way to listen to music.

This unit can receive satellite radio, but you will have to buy a subscription. It supports HD radio, that means you can listen to many of your local radio station at a higher quality.


Measure 8100 nex diagonal, with 7 inch screen. This is provided at the level of the big screen. This is a dual DIN system, which means that the unit has a total of 7 inches, 4 inches wide and high.

One of the best features, which is GPS in – it has a horizontal screen, not a capacitive resistance. This means that it behaves like a smart phone and is more sensitive to the touch screen than the input resistance is found to be cheaper in the unit.

Like all naval units – horizontal in our consideration, 8100 nex play CD and DVD. It also has a pair of HDMI inputs. This means that if you have a movie on a tablet or laptop, you can connect directly to the device through a unit on the HDMI cable.

Help & Support

Pioneer provides warranty for one year, as long as you buy a proxy agent. It also provides email and phone support. In addition, there is a fast way to have a positive society where there can be useful questions to be answered by the presence of a pioneer media. Pioneer has a service center in the big city, so you will have a fixed unit in the local friends, if you have a problem.


In terms of features and functionality, Pioneer 8100 NEX is well ahead of the competition. put it on Auto for Android and CarPlay it integrates superior smartphones, and lifetime traffic services and navigation of it also is top of the line. It is absolutely the best in-dash navigation system on the market.